LudoLoon Yacht Dice

In a surprise turn of events, I got back into game development! I recently watched the Brackey's Godot tutorial and figured I'd port a previous version of Yacht Dice I made in React that was just sitting there.

The goal was to learn more about the editor with the intention to make more games. So keep an eye out for more!

You can find the game on in the summary below. Enjoy!


From the project's itch page:

    My first godot game!

    Decided to make a clone of the classic dice game, yacht dice.
    Not technically yahtzee since there's no 3 of a kind option. 
    Pretty simple though, you basically try to get the highest score you can.

    You can play by yourself, with others locally or against the AI. 
    Up to 16 players is possible! 
    You can even have the AI play against itself if you remove the human player after adding AI opponents. 
    Someday I may add online if I need a good practice run lol.

    Feel free to screenshot your high scores and leave them in the comments.

    Works with mouse or keys. Also works with gamepads:
    - A to select
    - B to cancel
    - D-pad to navigate
    - Y (top button) to swap between selecting scorecard & dice (d-pad also works)
    - X (left button) or Space to roll

    If your browser allows it, your scores & settings should save. For sure they will on the windows & linux version.

    Music by yours truly! Available here or on my website.

    Special thanks to andresix, toddcircle and corkob for a few of the SFX (available on</p>