Hi! My name is Pierce and I make music as LudoLoon Studio.

I've always loved listening to video game music since I was a kid. Stuff like Sonic, Mega Man, Sim City 3000, Bomberman Hero, Metal Gear Solid, and other classics that I could spend all day naming. Now I'm excited to finally be making it!

To me, video game music represents a profound, wholesome connection.

A connection to: the game I'm playing. My youth. Time spent with friends gaming. The community of listeners who also love VGM. The multitude of styles and history it contains. Most importantly the connection that music has with my soul. Music is a vital part of a game's identity, and my own.

Some of my favorite genres are:

You can browse my site to hear the sounds I have to offer for yourself.

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My general process for making music works like this:

I'm available for work on these game genres:

See my hiring page for commissions.

I would love to score your documentary, podcast, video or any other projects that need music too!