VGMcon 2024!

EDIT: This was an awesome time! Best year yet.

VGMcon 2024 - Sunshine Resort

Hi there! I was at VGMcon in Minneapolis. If we met, feel free to DM me or check out my social media pages below under Subscribe. You can find me on discord through the VGMcon server too.

Super excited to check out everyone's sets and have a dope ass time with y'all.

I'm based here in Minneapolis so if you want to collab or hang, hmu! To learn more about me, check out my about page.

tl;dr: I started this LudoLoon Studio project as a gamedev thing, then focused on video game music instead. I've made asset packs for use in games and put out a lot of VGM styled music (some in game jams), flight sim music videos and other things. I play mainly keys through Renoise, but I like to jam on Mandolin and pretty much anything else (not necessarily well lol).

Nice to meet you! Feel free to reach out again, community is the main reason I do this stuff.

P.S: Excuse the jank, haven't had time to upload PS2 graveyards to youtube to properly embed it on the site yet lol. Got some work to do on the site in general anyway.